Some of us spray the fragrance in the air and walk thru, some of us spray fragrance on our clothes, and some of us wear fragrance because it smells good and just hopes it last. Let's start with the types of fragrances and their staying power.

 Fragrance is a combination of fragrance oil and alcohol, oil, or a witch-hazel combo.


Eau Fraiche -   Translates to fresh water and has a 1-3% ratio of fragrance oil. The average time it lasts is up to 2 hours.  Think luxury body spray.

When to wear:  Around those sensitive to fragrance, business meetings, first dates

it’s an option you choose when you don’t want your fragrance to be the loudest thing in the room. Also note, the lower percentage doesn’t mean it’s lower in complexity or quality.  Fraiche is good when you are going to be in various settings throughout the day and may need to apply different fragrances.

Eau de Cologne- named after the city Cologne in Germany where it was created. A common misconception is that cologne means “fragrance for men”. Colognes have a fragrance oil percentage of 3-5% and last 2-3 hours 

When to wear:  Warm Weather Day and nighttime

Eau de Toilette-    Translates to aromatic water and has a concentration of 5-15% of fragrance oil. Last 4-5 hours

When to wear- Great for daytime and nighttime

Eau de Parfum- translates to and has a concentration of 15-20% fragrance oil.   The average time it last is 6-8 hours

When to wear: Perfect daytime, going out at night and in cold weather. A lot of designer and Niche brands create their fragrances in this category.

Perfume-   Very rare and has the highest concentration of fragrance oil of 20-30%.  Last 7-12 hours

When to wear-

Things to consider when choosing a fragrance is occasion, lifestyle, and the statement you want to make

For example, if you’re in a meeting, or any space where you will be with people for a long period Eau De Toilette may be best.

Stay tuned for our Blog on Fragrance by season here for guidance on fragrance by season 


So now you know how strong you want your fragrance,

Let’s Talk about how to apply fragrance

 Check here for our fragrance pulse points and our 30 days of fragrance

 It’s best to apply fragrance were on areas that produce heat. The heat helps the intensity of fragrance develop through the day.

 Pulse Points are behind the ear, base of throat, chest, inside the elbow, inside the wrist, and behind the knee.


 A movie, Attending YouTube university or the peanut gallery might have told you to spray your fragrance in the air then walk-thru. WRONG! They set you up, playboy.  Maybe you thought your fragrance should be louder than your personality, Although Law 6 in the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green says, “Court Attention at All Cost” Law 19 says “Know Who you Are Dealing With -Do Not Offend the Wrong Person”; incorporate balance by wearing a fragrance that is noticeable but not obnoxiously loud and offensive.

  The best way to apply fragrance is on moist skin as well as directly on the skin. Try applying your fragrance after you apply a lotion, body butter, body oil, etc., and before you put on your clothes. You can also spray on your finger and apply to pulse points but dab it and not rub it in…this results in a less intense version of your fragrance.

Once you decide where you are going to apply the fragrance there are ways to apply

  • On your skin preferably on moist skin
  • Don’t Spray on your clothes because it can make your fragrance too strong plus fabric can hold body odor and that mix isn’t pleasant
  • Spray 3-6 inches away and start with 1 spray and build from there
  • To stand out by creating something unique you can also layer your fragrance
  • Pick 1-2 pulse points and apply fragrance with 1-2 sprays
  • Fragrance doesn’t need to be rubbed in spray and let it do its job
  • With complex fragrances, you smell the top notes then the heart and base will come thru as time goes on.

   A telling sign your fragrance is too strong when people can smell you several feet away. The key to fragrance is to know how and when to wear it. It’s great to have a fragrance wardrobe to have for purposes of variety and various occasions the saying is “when you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”.

  Whatever you choose to wear just make sure you consider those around you and where you will be. Try not to hurt them and have them falling all over you either, lol.

   It’s okay to get smaller sizes, sample sizes as well to kind of get a feel for a fragrance. Also, remember how it smells on one person doesn’t mean it will smell like that on you. 

Have fun with the fragrance you choose as an accessory. Let us know in the comments some tips you have on wearing fragrance 






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