Lamar Denon was created with the black man in mind; however Lamar Denon welcomes everyone to enjoy our luxury self care experience

Yes! the creator of Lamar Denon is a woman who throughly enjoys masculine fragrance. Some of our fragrances are unisex. Women actually have enjoyed our masculine scented products as well.

We got you. Check out our product descriptions to get an idea of the fragrance. If you would like to invest in smaller sizes, try  our wax melts, or 4 oz candles.


Our candles and melts are made with luxurious coconut wax, which Exhibits an slow even burn.

Our fragrances are phthalate and paraben free, top topnotch in quality, complex in nature and are a combination of the finest essential & fragrance oils sourced from around the world. Lamar Denon fragrances are designed to tell a story, inspire moods, create ambiance and provide the ultimate self-care experience

Luxury fragrance are complex in nature and don't give off a flat smell. The complexity of the notes  stimulate  various senses and make more of impression on memories

wax melts

Our Wax melts are a perfect way to do this. You can combine various  wax melts to get the scent you desire. Sign Up for our emails or text to get updates. Also Check out our social media content for ideas

Wax melts can be out on a wax melter and don't require to be lit. Room+ linen fragrance can to be used to fragrance the room  & linens as well. Scented satchels can be placed in drawers, linen closet, wardrobe closet, bathrooms and  in the car.

Frequently asked questions

No playboy/ playgurl, please don't do that. Below is free game on how to care for your candle.

  • Lamar Denon Candles looks great almost anywhere, but are safest out of reach of children and pets

    •When you’re ready to turn up the notch on your ambiance, and ready to first burn your candle, burn until a full wax pool ( surface where you can see the wax has melted) is reached but no longer than 2 hours, to prolong the life of your candle. No longer for 3-4 hours for larger candles

    •Always keep the wick trimmed to ¼ of an inch before igniting to maintain an even and clean burn

    •Although Lamar Denon Candles smell amazingly lux and comforting, do not leave candle unattended

    •Make sure your candle is clear of being around anything flammable while burning

    •When ready to extinguish candle, Inspect wick for glowing areas to ensure no part of the wick is glowing and fully extinguished

    •Do not fall asleep while candle is burning to ensure safety

    •Burn candle in a well ventilated area, where a consistent air flow is present but drafts and or wind is absent

    •Avoid burning a candle, a draft or wind, to prevent the flame from gaining traction in burning

    •Burn candle on a stable surface to help prevent candle from falling

    •Burn candle on a heat resistant surface to avoid heat damage to underlying surfaces

    •Candle jar and wax may feel hot to touch, when lit use caution when handling candles while burning

    •Enjoy this gift to you and practice self-care while using ; you deserve it

    •Please do not continue to burn or use candle once it has reached ½’ inch of solid wax left in vessel. Burning it past that point can present a fire hazard


Please reach out to us at and title your email "Wholesale Inquiry". Our Minimum Order is $600 and need around 3 weeks to process

Yes, we offer private labeling and work with you to make your ideas come to fruition. Please reach out to us  at

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