Imagine striking a match to light a creamy white coconut candle, your anticipation is growing because you can smell the notes of musk whispering a story of intimate ambiance, while the aquatic and subtle wood notes are reminiscent of that beach sitting on your vision board. The luxurious vessel is reminding you of a private resort cabana with the woman of your dreams resting on your chest, as brass drums play in the background and the island breeze caresses your skin.

  You light the candle and with a strike of a match you’re suddenly on that beach where the world is your oyster, where what you say goes, and you feel both listened to, and acknowledged.  You are now in a world where you are catered to companied by an experience that leads you to road of the ultimate solution to self care.  You no longer must just imagine experiencing this word; you can now have a key available.

                       THE CONCEPT

  Lamar Denon is a Luxury Home+ Body Care & Fragrance Brand that creates self-care themed experiences for men founded in 2019 by L.A. native Tadara Smith. The brand is named after her dad & brother, an idea given by God.  The element of fantasy + experience paired with home fragrance and body care is used to empower men to immerse themselves in taking care of their body+ mind= self-care. In addition to creating an experience we make note to incorporate various aspects men may face in life.  Our fragrance experiences strive to allow men to escape the stress of the world and unapologetically take pleasure in the enjoyment of self-care. We aim to normalize self-care for men.

                     THE PRODUCT

  Premium Quality. About you. Memorable & Social impact are four of many things we strive for. We aim take you to take you on a journey as our scents tell a story while making you the hero. Each fragrance takes you on a different journey, but the one thing that’s consistent is luxury will be infused …. Our goal is to make you feel like a King 

   Lamar Denon candle products are made with a slow burning proprietary coconut wax blend, and cotton wicks designed to create a consistent burn. When ignited, our candles/wax melts are like a dance of a fragrance and wax. As story unfolds, and the fire burns the passion between the two is released.   

   “I want to get to know him, he’s so fine”, “I need to network with him”, “I’m impressed by your space” are some of the things you might hear when wearing Lamar Denon or swagging out your place with our “cologne for your home”. Elements of charm& attraction, mood elevation, confidence boosting, distinguish, and an heir of power are characteristics of Lamar Denon fragrances.

  Our body care is designed to be the “play harder” in your work hard but smart life; in short, they are the musses and nurse you need after a long week.



                                THE FOUNDER ~Tadara S.        

  Tadara  who is named after her brother and dad(like Lamar Denon), was born and raised in L.A.  As a natural creative and Lupus Survivor  she loves using her creativity to inspire people  to  be fearless, bolder, confident and being relentless in achieving dreams.  As a Lupus Survivor who continues to beat the odds,  she is big on self care for the brave and bold.  

 Her deep interest in human behavior led her to study psychology . While studying Psychology,  and post undergrad Tadara also studied interior design where she fell in love with ceramics, multi media art and home design she also has earned a license in cosmetology. Her love for fashion, design, culture and culinary arts can be seen in the details of Lamar Denon.