Lamar Denon is a luxury brand founded in 2019 by L.A. native Tadara Smith. The brand  is named after her brother and dad.  While attending Church, mid sermon, God spoke the idea to her and Lamar Denon was born.  The inspiration behind the brand is the mission to normalize very beneficial luxury self-care for men, while creating a lane for black men in the luxury home goods and body care industry. Our products tell intricate stories thru scent notes   while providing a foundation to create memorable experiences, capability of elevating mood   all with the benefit of luxuriating  your environment, enhancing  your confidence & attraction, while allowing you to practice self-care. Lamar Denon is inclusively disrupting the world of luxury while taking an innovative artistic approach of letting emotion and storytelling inspire out of the box creativity. Infusing high-end design with premium-sourced ingredients Lamar Denon, brings you innovative modern luxury with a masculine touch. Lamar Denon curates a range of products from fragrance, home fragrance products, and body care. With our artistic edge approach to creativity, we are able to develop products that inspire and are meaningful and monumental in your lives.


    Our goal is popularize home fragrance  as an accessory and staple in the home of  men,  and to further cement the practice of indulgent self  care .

Founder THE FOUNDER                                                            


Tadara S.

     While studying Psychology,  and post undergrad Tadara also studied interior design where she fell in love with ceramics, multi media art and home design she also has earned a license in cosmetology. Her love for fashion, design, culture and culinary arts can be seen in the details of Lamar Denon.